Central Oregon is a great place to grow up. For every child who comes of age here, MBSEF is an opportunity to make the most of the natural and human riches of this special place – from training with a world-class athlete to making regular trips to the finest natural recreation areas anywhere. MBSEF stands for Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation. With programs in Alpine, Nordic, Snowboard and Freeride Skiing, what we really stand for can be summarized by the acronym we share with every young MBSEF participant: C.H.A.S.E. These are the values that encourage young people to soar with MBSEF:

C  Commitment
H  Honesty
A  Accountability
S  Sportsmanship
E  Excellence

Today MBSEF builds on a 90 year legacy from the original Skyliners, founded 1927 as Bend’s first ski club. In nearly a century, the organization has never owned its own facility. But as the Bend area surges in growth, and we look to the future needs of the region’s youth, it is time to make a permanent commitment. With a new and larger home for MBSEF, children of Central Oregon will always be able to soar.