The MBSEF Adventure Racing Program~NEW for Spring 2023!

Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation programs are available to current MBSEF athletes and Non-Winter Program Athletes alike.

This is a fun, 8-week “Intro to Adventure Racing” program that ends with an optional race! Adventure racing is a multi-disciplined event, where teams of 2, 3 and 4 use a map and compass to bike, run/trek and paddle their way to different checkpoints on a set course. You could compare it to an athletic & adventurous outdoor scavenger hunt! 

Our program aims to introduce and teach youth about a few of the main disciplines found in adventure racing: orienteering (map and compass reading), mountain biking, trekking & trail running and most importantly, team work. Through practicing and learning these disciplines youth also learn about being resilient, adaptable and communicative athletes who have both stamina and grit. 

This program is for 13-18 year olds that already have a some basic experience with trail running and mountain biking. 

What to Expect

The program will run on Monday & Wednesday from MBSEF headquarters, starting April 24th and ending on June 14.

Monday 4:15 – 6:15pm

Wednesday 3:15 – 6:15pm

Most adventures will leave from the MBSEF facility though vans might be used on some occasions.  Water will be provided but participants should bring their own snacks.  Program cost $455


Participants should provide their own equipment including:

  • Fitness – a basic level of fitness to run 1-2 miles and bike 5-8 miles would be excellent.
  • Appropriate clothing for the day’s adventures including shorts, athletic pants, and trail running shoes
  • A mountain bike in good working order & a basic bike repair kit (tube, CO2, pump)
  • Mountain bike helmet
  • Jacket – a light windjacket in case of inclement weather that can be carried with them on runs
  • Hydration Pack – to carry food, water, and extra clothing

If you are unsure please ask.

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AR Staff

Lead Coach Jason Magness

Jason has been adventure racing for over 20 years and going out on his own missions from the time he could walk. His favorite part about adventure racing is teamwork and the many undiscovered places this sport can take you. He is a man with many hats: race director, team navigator, physics teacher, father, coach, writer and rocket scientist are just some of his titles, and that is only the start! He is known for his enthusiastic and supportive nature. Jason has been teaching youth the basics of adventuring for twenty five years, he is excited to bring his knowledge and insatiable excitement to this program.

Jason is part of the Professional Adventure Racing Team “Bend Racing”.  You can read more about their team and their racing at