MBSEF Nordic

The Nationally recognized Nordic program at MBSEF has many levels of participation. The Stevenson Youth Program (SYP) is the first step in the development of a young Nordic skier. The program is designed specifically for young people age 7-11 (in grades 2, 3, 4 or 5) who are eager to learn the sport of cross country skiing.

The Middle School program was created to fit the needs of Central Oregon’s large group of middle school skiers age 11-14. This program is perfect for young skiers who are ready for a program that is more challenging than the Stevenson Youth Program, but are not yet old enough for high school programs.  With Nordic Program Director approval, highly motivated U14’s may opt to join the Winter Term Program for more intense training.

The Winter Term program for ages 12-22 is an important part of most skier’s development.  This program is specifically designed to bring motivated skiers together to supplement their school program.  Highly motivated U14’s may join Winter Term with Nordic Program Director approval.

The Full-Time program, for ages 14-19, is designed to foster mental, physical and personal growth through skiing excellence. The Full-time program offers seven months of organized ski training. MBSEF coaches coordinate five to six days per week of on-snow and dryland training aimed at developing each athlete to their fullest potential. Additionally, extended spring and summer training is available for a fee to help athletes stay fit year round.

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