General Information 2022-2023 Season

Freeride Development Snowboard Team Program

Returning Freeride Development Snowboard Team members (and new siblings) may register online beginning July 1. New families may register beginning August 1, 9:00am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). If you are new to the program, please fill out and send in the Freeride New Member Ability Questionnaire.  New members will be required to participate in a “skills assessment” to ensure they are ready for our Freeride Development Snowboard Team, held one week prior to the program start in December.

The Freeride Development Snowboard Team is the foundation of MBSEF Snowboarding. Riders ages 8 – 14 develop their freestyle riding skills and are introduced to the fun of snowboard competition. The focus of this program is to have fun while taking your riding to the next level. MBSEF provides a coaching staff certified by the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI).

The Freeride Development Snowboard Team is designed to progress and develop freestyle skills and to produce well-rounded all-mountain riders. Training focuses on terrain park, halfpipe, rails, and freeriding skills. Riders are grouped with others of similar age and ability. This is a twelve week program held on Saturday and/or Sunday, and also has a Wednesday afternoon option. On-snow times are 10:00-3:00 for weekends, and 12:30 to 4:00 Wednesday.

There will be two or three contests during the season for all Freeride Development Snowboard Team riders, slopestyle, boarder/skier cross, and half pipe. The competitions focus on fun and camaraderie. Riders are encouraged to participate in the competitions. Contest dates are currently set for TBD.

2022-2023 Parent/Athlete Manual

ProgramAgesOn-Snow TrainingCompetitionDatesFees
Snowboard Development 12 Week Sat/Sun/Wed8-1410:00-3:00 Sat/Sun

12:30-4:00 Wed

Junior Race Center
Feb 4 Skier/Boarder Cross

Feb 18 Slopestyle

March 12 Halfpipe
Dec 10 - Mar 12$1,080 1 Day Sat or Sun

$1,695 2 Day Sat or Sun, Wed

$1,900 3 Day Sat, Sun, Wed
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Freeride Competition Snowboard Team Program

Freeride Competition Snowboard Team riders train with professional coaches to improve their freestyle riding while learning the fundamentals of snowboarding competition. MBSEF provides a USASA and USSS certified coaching staff with the highest level of freestyle accreditation from the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI).

On-snow training focuses on all aspects of snowboarding including slopestyle, halfpipe, boardercross, and all-mountain freeriding skills. Riders are taught contest run design, competition strategies, and sportsmanship. Riders are encouraged to compete in our local USASA Central Oregon Series competitions, coaching will be provided. Riders are grouped with others of similar ability and age.

One, two, three and four day options are available: Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. Weekend training times are 10:00 – 3:00. Midweek training times are 12:30 – 4:00. Midweek riders need to arrange early release with their school. Winter Camp and Spring Camps are included (dates on back). A competition and training schedule will be provided on-line at

The Freeride Competition Snowboard Team is a goal-oriented program for motivated riders who want to train for local, regional events and qualify for USASA Nationals. In addition to competing in local events, the Freeride Competition Team also attends USASA regional events in the Mt. Hood Series (Coaching fees included in program fees). Athletes who qualify and wish to attend other events including Futures Tours, Revolution Tours and/or USASA Nationals at Copper Mountain, Colorado will be requried to pay additional coach travel fees for these events. Membership fees, Competition fees and all travel fees are not included in MBSEF program fee.

The Freeride Competition Snowboard Team rider progression is enhanced by team athletes sharing similar goals, individual goal assessment, and a top-level coaching staff. Freeride Competition Snowboard Team riders are encouraged to train during Winter and Spring Break Camps.

One day winter dryland trampoline is included in the cost.

2022-2023 Competition Team Parent/Athlete Handbook

ProgramAgesOn-Snow TrainingCompetitionDatesFees
Freeride Competition Snowboard Team 2, 3, 4 Day8-1910:00-3:00 (Sat/Sun)

12:30-4:00 (We/Th)

Junior Race Center
Local, Regional, National12/3 to 3/22

Dryland Training Begins 9/18
$2,245-2 Day

$2,670-3 Day

$3,220-4 Day
Fall Dryland Training8+N/A9/18 to 11/18See Flyer
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Freeride Big Mountain Snowboard Team Program


The Big Mountain Team refines technique and uses the whole mountain as its playground. The focus of this program is to develop the skills needed to ski all that Mt. Bachelor has to offer while having fun and learning about the alpine environment. Athletes will be expected to compete in big mountain competition in the PNW IFSA Region during the season.


Athletes must be able to ski comfortably on the entire mountain, in varied conditions and be comfortable skiing in the Woodward Terrain Parks. Skiing assessments are mandatory with the head coach to confirm placement within the program. Athletes who do not make the skills check may be placed in other programs on a case by case basis. This program is limited to the first 14 athletes who make the skills check.


Big Mountain Competition Team athletes will begin training in November (conditions permitting). They will train on snow Wed afternoons, all day Sat/Sun and Winter and Spring camps until the end of March on Mt. Bachelor. Evening trampoline training (optional) will be announced when the program starts.


13-15 yr old Team – Seven athletes maximum. Two training days (minimum) or three training days (Ideally) a week required. Training days are Wed/Sat and Sunday optional.

Two national competitions and two regional competition travel commitment required.

Coach: Rex Shepard

10-12 yr old Team – Seven athletes maximum. 1 Day Sat or 2 Day Wed/Sat training program.

One – two regional competitions commitment expected. Most likely Alpental and Crystal/Stevens/Schweitzer.

Traveling events for Comp group:

  • two national events (Crystal, Alyeska)
  • three PNW regionals (Crystal, Schweitzer, Stevens, Alyeska, Alpental).
  • one out of region’ regional (Brundage, Sugar Bowl)
ProgramAgesOn-Snow TrainingCompetitionDatesFees
Big Mountain Team13-1510:00-3:00 (Sat/Sun)

12:30-4:00 (Wed)

Junior Race Center
Regional, National12/3 to 3/23$2,645-2 Day (Sat/Wed)

$3,070-3 Day (Sat/Sun/Wed)
Big Mountain Team10-1210:00 - 3:00 (Sat)
12:30-4:00 (Wed)
Regional12/3 to 3/23$1,375-1 Day (Sat)

$1,920-2 Day (Sat/Wed)
Fall Dryland Training10+N/A9/18-11/18See Flyer
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Freeride Full Time Snowboard Program

This is our elite team for very motivated riders with the desire to train for and compete in high level competitions. Full Time Team riders train with top-level USASA and USSA certified coaches to improve their riding while learning advanced principles of snowboard competition. This program is primarily designed for athlete participation in FIS level events. Riders focus on qualifying for events such as Futures Tours, USASA Nationals, Revolution Tours, NorAm and World Cup events.

On-snow training will focus on all aspects of snowboarding including slopestyle, halfpipe, and all-mountain freeriding skills. Riders are coached in contest preparation and execution, competition strategies, tuning/waxing, nutrition, weight and strength training, air awareness via trampoline training, sports psychology and sportsmanship. Coaches will work with athletes to develop a year round training plan including dryland, spring, summer and fall camps and competition scheudle to achieve their desired goals. All dryland training, on-hill training and coach travel fees at contest are included in this program. Athletes who choose to not travel with the team to events will pay a coach travel fee. Competition fees, travel costs, camp costs are not included.

On-snow training days are Wednesday through Sunday. Weekend training times are 10:00-3:00. Weekday training times are 12:30-4:00. Full Time Program athletes begin dryland conditioning in mid-September and on-snow training begins when Mt. Bachelor opens for the season. Winter/Spring Dryland will include 1 day trampoline training and 1 day of strength/weight training. There will be a 1-2 week break after USASA Nationals. Spring sessions and air bag camps are included. Days times will be announced in January. Summer strength training 2 day/week will be offered to interested athletes. This will all be coordinated by the Head Coach. Lockers and wax room facilities provided.

ProgramAgesOn-Snow TrainingCompetitionDatesFees
13-1910:00-3:00 (Sat/Sun)

12:30-4:00 (We/Th/Fr)

Junior Race Center
Local, Regional, National11/22 to 4/3

Dryland Training Begins 9/18
$5,170 - 3 Day/week
$5,920 - 4 Day/week
$6,670 - 5 Day/week
Fall Dryland Training13+N/A9/18 to 11/18Included
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