Welcome, Howard Friedman, as President of MBSEF Board of Directors

This season we celebrate the dawn of a new era for MBSEF as we welcome Howard Friedman as the new President of our Board of Directors. We are also taking this moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to Kirk Schueler for his many years of dedicated service as our outgoing President.

Two Decades of Leadership: Kirk Schueler

Kirk Schueler has been the cornerstone of MBSEF’s leadership for many years, with close to 20 years on our Board of Directors and 10 years as President. Under his guidance, MBSEF has grown and thrived, enabling countless young athletes to pursue their dreams in the world of winter sports. Kirk’s unwavering commitment to our mission and his ability to rally our community around it have left an indelible mark on our foundation, most evident in the creation of our permanent home, The Bill Healy Training Center.

Kirk’s legacy of leadership extends beyond his role as President. He has set a high standard for board members, staff, and volunteers alike, emphasizing teamwork, community, and excellence. His impact on MBSEF is immeasurable, and we are grateful for the solid foundation he leaves behind.

Stepping Up his Involvement: Howard Friedman

We are excited to welcome Howard Friedman as our new Board President. Howard brings with him a wealth of experience, a passion for winter sports, and a strong commitment to MBSEF’s mission. 

Howard’s involvement with MBSEF began in the mid-1990’s when he owned a catering company and would provide 30-50 sack lunches for MBSEF volunteer race crew members at Mt. Bachelor during events. A resident of Bend since 1981, Howard and his wife Nancy raised 3 children skiing on Mt. Bachelor, and in 1989 he tried snowboarding for the first time. Quickly hooked, Howard eventually took racing lessons from MBSEF coach John Caulkins, and in 1998 then forward-thinking Executive Director Russ Read asked him to start a snowboard freeride program, so together with Todd Wells and 4 kids in the first session (including one of Howard’s sons) the Freeride program was off and running. Howard coached for several years until, as he likes to say, “the 10-year-olds got better than me” and then passed the torch to a younger generation of coaches.

In the early 2000’s Howard was tapped to serve on MBSEF’s Board of Directors, where he has served as head of the scholarship committee for many years, as well as being Vice-Chairman of the Board. In July of 2023 he was voted in as President.

As we embark on this new chapter, MBSEF is grateful to both Kirk Schueler and Howard Friedman. Kirk’s legacy will forever be a source of inspiration, and Howard’s leadership will steer us toward a future filled with promise and achievement. Our entire team at MBSEF looks forward to working with Howard and the entire board as we continue to make dreams come true through the power of winter sports.