Youth Skimo Winter Wrap-Up

The inaugural 6-week MBSEF Youth Skimo Program has quietly come to a close. Organized by coach Max King, this program aimed to introduce participants to the world of skimo—marrying the challenge of skiing uphill with the joy of alpine downhill. Over six weeks, our 6 middle school youth underwent a well-rounded experience, blending technical skill-building and fitness, with a newfound appreciation for the serene mountain environment without the use of lift service.

Participants delved into the basics of uphill skinning, tackled transition techniques, and learned essential backcountry safety skills. More than just a physical endeavor, the program fostered a sense of fun and mutual support as participants faced the obstacles of learning a new sport together.

As the first batch of skiers completing the program, these athletes carry not just improved skills but also the newfound knowledge of a fledgling sport that will be included in the 2026 Olympics for the world to see.

MBSEF’s inaugural Youth Skimo Program has laid the foundation for what we hope will be a long running skimo program, showcasing the organization’s commitment to nurturing a love for all types of snow sports among the younger generation. This successful start promises more opportunities for youth to learn the new sport of skimo in the years to come.

Stay tuned for spring skimo intro days for those interested in dipping their toes into the skimo world.